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Kruger et Sif v2

“You will be my flamethrower or I kill you.”
This is a complete redesign of my student project from 2 years ago. This duo is from a video game idea based on a run&gun gameplay (like metal slug) and platform (like crash bandicoot and other). The main idea of the game is “just burn ‘Em all” with the Sif’s flamethrower capacity and his variants : when Kruger forces him to eat severals types of gems (red = big flame more destructive, green = flame shield and regen, blue = ice flame slower ennemy, and white … do you remember the BFG from doom? Oh and of course you’ve understand that Kruger and Sif don’t like each other but, who knows, may be in the adventure this will change.. or not :p.

Geoffrey boulling screenshot005
Geoffrey boulling screenshot001
Geoffrey boulling screenshot002
Geoffrey boulling screenshot003
Geoffrey boulling screenshot004