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This is a modified circular saw used as a weapon. It's perfect to hunt some zombies or monsters but be carefull it's not the most quitest weapon in the world...

As the flail, this weapon is in two version : substance material and photoshop handpaint.
Hope you like and leave a comment if you want :] !

Weapon Saw_hand painted

Scie handpaint


Scie circulaie modifiée

Geo b 02 scie persp low
Geo b 06 screenshot003
Geo b 16 screenshot013
Geo b 15 screenshot005
Geo b 17 screenshot014
Geo b 12 screenshot010
Geo b 13 screenshot011
Geo b 08 screenshot006
Geo b 09 screenshot007
Geo b 10 screenshot008
Geo b 11 screenshot009
Geo b 14 screenshot012