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Western / medieval crossbowman concept

Hi :) !
It’s a character concept based on the american western period and european medieval period. The main idea was simple, i wanted to mix a cowboy with a knight in the first place and find something cool in there. My research led me to make a sort of a crossbowman.
The repeating crossbow works like a winchester rifle for the reload system, a revolver for the ammo and its design is based on a compact crossbow like the ravin r9 predator . There is a retractable blade below inspired by a guisarme, war scyth (fauchard in french) or a polearm glaive. The crossbowman has a cartridge clip in his back and he has also a falchion and a bucle on his side for the melee combat.

I used Maya, Zbrush, Substance Painter and Photoshop.

Hope you like this character concept folks ! Seeya.

Geoffrey boulling screenshot000

Western / Medieval crossbowman

Repeating crossbow animation

Western / medieval Crossbowman